Vehicle counting and store performance metrics

Optimising the performance of retail parks and driving up tenant value

Track the volume of vehicles entering the retail park, occupancy, and movement of customers within the park to ensure performance is optimised and the value of the retail mix is maximised.

All Springboard solutions include:

Real-time analytics

Your data by year, month, week, day or hour, or as it happens — all at the touch of a button

> 98% accuracy

AI and human validation to provide outstanding accuracy you can trust

99.9% uptime

We guarantee continuous and seamless delivery of your data around the clock

Flexible integration

Integrate our RESTful API into your existing BI platform or use the Springboard Analyser to combine your BI into custom dashboards

Privacy assured

Fully CCPA and GDPR compliant, all video is processed for analytics and alerts can be pixelated and anonymised

Latest Benchmarks

We help you benchmark your performance, understand trends, and quickly make well-informed decisions to succeed in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Latest Insights

We track footfall, benchmarks, trends and analysis on three continents and develop insights to help you understand what's happening today and what's coming next.


“We have always talked about ‘Conversion’ even when we couldn’t really measure it. Now we can it is one of our most important measures. As you’ll know, in retail – once you introduce a new metric and talk about it all the time it should go up (which it has).”

Nick Bryant
Head of Business Analysis,
The Fragrance Shop

"We knew about Springboard’s unrivalled grip of the national footfall picture - this most valuable piece of knowledge for any retailer with a wide portfolio of bricks and mortar outlets. However, we hadn’t appreciated how they are able to both enrich this raw data with a breadth of retail perspective and to provide us with the most granular of store level, hour by hour minute by minute, insight. Insight that is enabling better decision-making across store operations, trade promotional planning, marketing, and financial planning. All delivered by a proactive and highly responsive and agile team that has developed a front end that is widely used and has become in these testing times, a vital link with our stores".

Peter Grant
Senior Market Analyst
Walgreens Boots Alliance UK

"We wanted to be clever with our data and having started out online we had grown into the habit of being data-driven. I use the Springboard Analyser to look at trends on a regular basis, identify any issues within our stores, and can drill down to the detail to understand what’s going on. This approach has led to great results for the business."

Mike Turner
Bird & Blend

Webinar on Demand: UK Annual Footfall Review 2022

Marketing & Insights Director, Diane Wehrle, was joined by UK Sales Director, Jon Burnett where they both explored these key trends alongside the impact on footfall due to hybrid working and the economic factors driving consumer activity, as well as how Springboard’s solutions support retail stores and destinations today.

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