Retail intelligence and shopper analytics

Real-time shopper insights to grow your business.

We track consumers’ physical behaviors inside and outside of your location and develop actionable insights and analytics to help you maximize every foot of your space.

With state-of-the-art artificial and real-time predictive intelligence, Springboard data analytics enable well-informed and faster decision-making for retailers, shopping malls, downtowns, and hospitality.


We’ve completed installation with Springboard at seven shopping centers and are in process on four additional centers. The team has been flexible, responsive, and easy to interact with. The company offers reliable technology (much more so than our prior vendor), delivers high data accuracy, a user-friendly website, and continues to roll out new products to enhance our experience. We look forward to doing more business with them in the future!”

Sara Crockett
Director, Analysis & Insight

"Of the many hundreds of technology partners that we have worked with at rue21, Springboard is one of the very best. It has been a tremendous partnership, and one that has provided an incredible amount of business value."

Dr. Mark Chrystal
Chief Analytics Officer

“We can give you exact traffic information for when you want to do your event, the time of the day, the day of the week, the week of the month, the month of the year, the seasons; and we were never able to do that before."

Ellen Goldstein
Vice President of policy planning and design
Time Square Alliance

“It’s been a great way for [the retailers] to know what’s happening at their front door and in their districts. They can take that information and adjust their store hours, or determine when they want to use special offers - so it’s been a really great resource for our business owners, and that was the original intent. In the future, we may add more counters, to other areas.”

Mallory O’Neill
Director of District Management
Downtown Oklahoma

“We chose Springboard over other suppliers because of the advanced technology, counting accuracy, and the team understood what we were trying to accomplish.” The value of Springboard continues to get richer the longer you’re with [them]. The first year of data is how it’s working on the street, but second-year data you can see at the time how it’s working YoY."

Michael Edwards
President & CEO
Chicago Loop Alliance


Quickly understand customer volumes, the performance of your trading locations, and your customer behaviors with our traffic counters and analysis. With seamless integration, you can see the impact and benefit of Springboard within days of implementation.

Shopping Malls

Understand customer activity and movement into and within your center, dwell time, and customer demographics to make informed data-driven decisions that maximize the revenue of every storefront.


Monitor both foot and vehicle movement 24/7 at multiple points with a single device and get data by the hour — giving you a comprehensive look at traffic and helping you enhance the attractiveness of the location and drive more business into the area.


Identify revenue growth opportunities with latest-generation technology that tracks customer movement and behaviors, including lobby dwell time, restaurant traffic, and traffic within both the venue and the external location.

Strip Malls and Outlet Centers

Track the volume of vehicles entering the strip mall, occupancy and movement of customers within the strip mall to ensure performance is optimized and the value of the retail mix is maximized.

We’re trusted by leading brands to deliver real-time retail traffic data, analytics and insights


Latest Benchmarks

We help you benchmark your performance, understand trends, and quickly make well-informed decisions to succeed in the ever-changing retail landscape.

Latest Insights

We track foot traffic, benchmarks, trends, and analysis on three continents and develop insights to help you understand what's happening today and what's coming next.

Shopper analytics and retail traffic data that drive profitable decisions.

Springboard Analytics

How the US predicts retail behavior

Our real-time retail traffic counters are installed in every major retail location in the US so we have the broadest retail data available so you can make the best decisions.


Webinar On Demand: US Annual Pedestrian Traffic Review 2022

Springboard’s annual review looks back at the performance of US downtowns and retail destinations throughout 2022, encompassing key trends in pedestrian traffic, store sales, consumer confidence and online shopping.

Marketing & Insights Director, Diane Wehrle, took a closer look at these key trends alongside the impact on pedestrian traffic due to hybrid working and the economic factors driving consumer activity.

Watch Replay